Beep T-Ball

Beep T-Ball

BATS Sports Club are now taking names for those interested in playing Beep T-Ball. We are just waiting for the equipment and uniforms to arrive however, you can be sure this new exciting inclusive sport will be up and running this month (April 2022). Notice will be published on our Facebook page very soon however, if you are interested in jumping to the front of the line, call Paul on 0408 474 860.

A Little about the game

The game is played much like baseball only a beeping ball will be used (soon available) and a diamond field with 4 bases (150cm high) will be used. Each base will be have a sighted official to judge if the runner or the fielder prevails.

On the ground is a painted line connecting each base. The official will call runners who have very low or no sighted. The runner will need to wrap their arms around the base prior to a field hitting the base with the ball.

The idea is to begin with Beep T-Ball and graduate to Beep Softball or Beep Baseball after skill development.