Beep Softball

Beep Softball

BATS Sports Club is now taking names for those interested in playing Beep Softball. All equipment except for the beeping ball has arrived including uniforms, bases, rattle balls and an electric ball thrower.

This new exciting inclusive sport is finally up and running and going on the feedback from players so far, it is quickly proving to be a very popular sport.

Above is a photo of Chris having a hit during Beep Softball training using the new electronic ball thrower.

This machine hold up to 10 balls and the batter can continue swinging until they connect with a good ball. After 10 misses, the batter is offered the use of a tee to strike the ball.

Batters get to choose between a white or black ball.

Blue Dolpins sponsored by ANSIC Security

Above is a photo of Johnny trying to make it to second base in time.

The bright orange bases a 160cm tall with a buzzer at the top and weighted below. Batters run to the buzzing sound while fielders easily track the beeping ball.

Blindfolds are not worn however, a handycap points system is used to level the playing field.

The Red Dragons team is sponsored by The Primary Club of Australia.