Beep Cricket

Launch of Beep Cricket

In 2021, for the first time in the world, the exciting new game of Beep Cricket was launched in a Beep Cricket match between the Moreton Bay Mayor’s XI and the Moreton Bay BATS. A wonderful and successful event was enjoyed by all.

Beep Cricket Competition

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Association – BATS Sports Club

Name – 2022 Ian Healy Shield

2022 Beep Cricket Competition Rules

Beep Cricket By-Laws


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Competition Registration

Registration is now open to people who want to participate in the 2022 Beep Competition. Competition matches will be played each Sunday over 9 rounds (14 August 2022 to 16 October 2022). The Competition Final will be held on 16 October 2022. 4 teams will compete for the Ian Healy Trophy with a presentation night being held soon after the conclusion of the competition.

Some matches will be played after dark under lights.

  • BATS Sports Club will supply all necessary equipment and uniforms.

  • Each Sunday a BBQ lunch is provided.

  • Safe Transport to and from matches can be provided if required.

If you are interested in participating, please call Paul on 0408 474 860.

To register for the competition please fill out the form and select ‘Beep Cricket’ click here 


To the right is a photo of Paul Szep holding our new beeping ball.

In the early 1990s, Paul Szep began research on the idea of producing a Beeping Cricket Ball for use by blind and vision-impaired cricketers. Although he did secure funds to produce a prototype ball, unfortunately, the ball did not stand up well to the job. Paul decided to revisit the project at a future time.

This beeping ball technology can now be used in a range of sports that are included in the BATS Sports Club’s Inclusive Sports Program.

On retirement, Paul revisited the idea of a beeping ball and began setting up a charity named Blind Bats Inc. to form an entity capable of doing the job. Paul applied for a grant to finance the development of the beeping ball and to run an inclusive activity called beep cricket.

Unfortunately, again the prototype ball failed but Paul was not going to give up. Determined to find a solution he sought out help and now can say with a great deal of confidence that he a suitable ball has been designed and produced. “It works just the way we wanted and the players love it,” Paul said.


2022 Beep Cricket Competition Teams

On joining BATS Sports Club, members will be allocated a ‘House’. So, when participating in competitions, they will play in their house uniform.

To the right are illustrations of the BATS Sports Club ‘House Uniforms’.

The initial issue of uniforms is at no charge to the member however, the subsequent issue may be at cost depending on budget restrictions.

The uniform consists of a cap (with the team avatar), a polo shirt (with the BATS logo), a pair of black shorts for football and tag, and a pair of long black pants for cricket and Softball. This uniform should be suitable for most activities conducted by BATS Sports Club.

The 2022 Inclusive Beep Cricket Competition.

Register Now!

BATS Sports Club is currently registering players for participation in the 2022 Beep Cricket Competition. As this competition is an inclusive activity, you can bring friends, family members, and carers along to register with you if you wish.

If you want to play sports with a mate, a friend, a family member, or your carer, this is the ideal time to register and select your preferred activities on the membership form.

For more information, please call Paul on 0408 474 860.

To the right is a photo of Beep Cricketers playing in the inaugural Beep Cricket Match.

On the day there were plenty of positive comments regarding the new beeping cricket ball, however, the inclusive nature of the activity was the highlight of the event.

Mayor’s XI v BATS Video

To the right is a photo of players receiving their Participation Medals at the 2021 Mayor’s XI Match.

Legally blind players experienced the new beeping cricket ball for the first time. Now able to more easily track the ball, they could lift their skills and contribute much more to the game’s result. The crowd of people watching the game and the sighted participants expressed their surprise at the skills and standard of play demonstrated by the legally blind players.

To the right is a photo of the Moreton Bay Shield.

In September 2021, the prototype of the beeping cricket ball was used in a game between the Moreton Bay Mayor’s XI and the Moreton Bay BATS. This game highlighted how the local community could come together to participate in an inclusive sport/activity event. This event was an enormous success and from now on will be played each year. The winner is presented with the Moreton Bay Shield.

All concerned declared this event to be an enormous success. The introduction of the beeping ball did exactly as we expected. It brought the participants with low or no vision into the game while at the same time, highlighting the skills of people with a disability.

To the right, is a photo of Hon Terry Young MP, Member for Longman.

Terry was selected to be one of the Moreton Bay BATS opening batters in the Mayor’s XI match held on September 2021. 

Without Terry’s help and support, we doubt our inclusive activities project would have ever gotten off the ground. Terry played this game with passion and skill and said he was pleasantly surprised at the skills shown by the vision Impaired participants, Terry also said he is convinced that this format is a good step in the right direction when it comes to inclusive sport/activities.

To the right is a photo of Cr Peter Flannery, Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Peter Flannery, Mayor of Morton Bay Regional Council, his staff, and fellow Counsellors, have given the BATS great support over the past few years. Their decision to provide the BATS with the use of Devine Court Sports Complex as their home ground and clubhouse is a momentous change for us.

In addition, Peter, and his team’s willingness to participate in this event was the catalyst we needed to test our theories on the value of community inclusion through sport and active rest.

To the right is a photo of Hon Mark Ryan MP, Minister for Police and Member for Morayfield.

From the very beginning, Mark was instrumental in the founding of Blind Bats Inc. His help and guidance along our journey of development have been an inspiration.

Mark also opened the batting for us at the Mayors XI match and told the crowd that he considered the launch of the beeping ball to be ‘the world premiere of Beep Cricket.’

BATS Sports Club

BATS Sports Club Logo with maaroon background and a yellow son with a black bat on top.

Ian Healy

Photo of Ian Healy wearing his baggy green cap.

Ian Healy Shield

The Ian Healy Shield. Dark brown wooden sheld with 20 places to engrave annual match results. Has a phto of Ian Healy in the centrer of the shiield.

Beeping Ball

The technology used in our Beep Cricket Ball will be used in a number of ball sports included in the BATS Sports Club's Inclusive Sports Program

White Ball

Johnny from the Red Dragons team bowling the new white beeping cricket ball. This picture shows Johnny dressed in the Red Dragons uniform with the white ball in hand just before it was bowled.
Johnny, from the Red Dragons Team, prepares to bowl the new white beeping cricket ball





Mayo's XI Match

Medal Presentation

Players Collecting their Medals at the 2021 Mayor's XI Match

Moreton Bay Shield

Hon Tery Young MP

Cr Peter Flannery Mayor

Hon Mark Ryan MP

Primary Club of Australia

Four 3x3 marquees donated by The Primary Club of Australia

Above is a photo of 4 Marquees kindly donated to Blind Bats Inc. by the Primary Club of Australia.

These marquees were used during the Mayor’s XI Inclusive Beep Cricket Event and will continue to be used during future events. We very much appreciate the kind support of the Primary Club of Australia for without their support, visitors to the event would have been a lot less comfortable watching the match.

VIP guests, match officials, and participants also made good use of these marquees.

Come & Try Day

Above is a photo of Cr Denise Sims (Deputy Mayor of Morton Bay Regional Council) bowling a ball at the Pine Rivers Come and Try Day.

People of all genders and usually aged 13-17 are welcome to attend our Come and Try Days of a Sunday. Soon we will be enjoying a game of football, the game of T-Ball, and a game of Tag (with a very large rugby ball). Come along with your mates, family, or carer and enjoy a free BBQ lunch.

We can provide transport if required.

Sunday Beep Cricket Training

Brendon batting for the Blue Dolphins team, listens closely to the new beeping cricket ball as he readies himslf to hit the ball through the covers.
Brendon, batting for the Blue Dolphins team, listens closely to the new beeping cricket ball. He is determined to hit the ball through the field to the boundary but the Red Dragons team fielders have other ideas.

Sunday Beep Cricket Training

Paul, Captain of the Red Dragons team is about to wack the new beeping ball to the boundary. At wicketkeeper, Julie and her fellow fielders are doing their best to stop the ball.
Paul, Captain of the Red Dragons is looking to wack the beeping ball to the boundary. While Julie at wicket-keeper and her fellow fielders are doing their best to cut the ball off.

Sunday Beep Cricket Training

Julie, captain of the Blue Dolphins team, is about to hit the new black beeping cricket ball out to the boundary. Julie, wearing the blue dolphin’s uniform, is surrounded by Red Dragons fields hoping to cut off the ball.
Julie, Captain of the Blue Dolphins team, is about to hit the new black beeping cricket ball out through the covers.

The above photos are of a typical Sunday of Beep Cricket Training at Devine Court Morayfield.

Participants new to the sport, begin to learn the game, and those who are seasoned players, work on their skills.

Each Sunday, safe transport is provided via our BAT Bus service to those who need it. There is also a free BBQ lunch and the opportunity to meet new friends and/or socialize with people you already know.

All are welcome to come and try the games on offer. Men and Women, boys and girls, age 13-70.

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Boundary Rope

Above is a photo of staff laying out the Boundary Rope. A tactile measure to let low vision/blind participants know where the location of the outer boundary. This boundary rope is white in colour and very thick in size. It is approximately 250m lin lenght.

Rope Trailer kindly built by HMJ Trailers Caboolture

In the above photo, our staff members are laying out the boundary rope in preparation for a Beep Cricket Match.

Participants with low or no sight, are pleased to have a boundary rope on the outer boundary of the ground. This tactile feature, along with the beeping cricket ball and the new rule changes, makes the game to be more enjoyable for all and assists the players with low or no vision to be more competitive.

At Blind Bats Inc. we try to lift the ability of vision-impaired players rather than have sighted players wear blindfolds in the search for equality. This policy is consistent throughout our activities program.