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BATS Sports Club, the sports management arm of Blind Bats Inc., has begun to establish a variety of inclusive activities in the period 2021 to 2025.

Four of these inclusive activities have been introduced to the BATS Sports Club Inclusive Sports Program (Beep Cricket, Beep Football, Beep Softball, and Beep Tag), while,  Beep Hockey, is scheduled to be introduced in 2023.

In 2024 BATS Sports Club plan to introduce the activities of Boating Camping and Fishing, Fitness Activities, Horse Riding, Sailing, and Ten Pin Bowling.

The introduction of these inclusive activities is part of our 5-year plan to introduce our full suite of inclusive activities listed below.

Beeping Ball

The technology used in our Beep Cricket Ball will be used in a number of ball sports included in the BATS Sports Club's Inclusive Sports Program

The contents of this document are OFFICIAL.

Media Release 26 September, 2022


Paul makes perfect pitch for beep cricket

Meet Paul Szep, the Kerry Packer of blind cricket, who is set to change the way the game is played since its creation 100 years ago.

Just like the media mogul who famously invented day-night cricket in the late 1970s, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant Paul is transforming the game after creating a world-first beeping cricket ball.

Paul, legally blind from the age of 3, has spent the past few years developing a beeping cricket ball that is increasing participation among blind and low-vision players. read more


BATS Sports Club’s 5 Year Activity Development Plan includes the introduction of the following spoets:

  • Beep Tag

  • Beep Volleyball

  • Boating, Camping, Fishing

  • Fitness

  • Horse Riding

  • Rowing

  • Sailing

  • Swimming

  • Tandem Cycling

  • Ten Pin Bowling

Beep Football

Above is a photo of people playing football.

The game of Beep Football has now been introduced in our Inclusive Sports Program and soon it will be introduced Australia wide. We are just waiting for the completion of the production of our beeping footballs so, right now we are using a rattle ball.

In addition to a beeping ball, there are a few rule changes to the game:

  • The game is played on a half-size field
  • Players do not have to wear blindfolds
  • Beep Football is an Inclusive Sport where you family, carers and friends can all take part in the game.

Beep Hockey

Above is a photo of people playing Hockey.

In 2023 Blind Bats Inc. will be introducing the inclusive game of Beep Hockey. The Hockey Field has been marked and made ready and very soon goals and equipment will be delivered. In Beep Hockey your mates and family members can also join in the fun.

At Blind Bats Inc. Beep Hockey is an inclusive activity.

Beep Cricket

Mayor’s XI v BAT Video

Above is a photo of cricketers playing Beep Cricket (FY 2021-2022).

Blind Bats Inc. introduced the game of Beep Cricket at a match between the BATs and the Moreton Bay Mayor’s XI held in September 2021.  A Beep Cricket competition will commence in July to September 2022.

The project to develop the game of Beep Cricket was funded by the Fedral Government with the member for Longman Hon Terry Young MP strongly supporting the idea.

In the game of Beep Cricket, the teams are made up of a mixture of participants with all levels of disability including those with no disability. In addition to playing with a beeping ball, the game is also played with a boundary rope and some slight rule changes that level up the playing field when it comes to disability capacity.

At Blind Bats Inc., Beep Cricket is an inclusive activity.

Beep Softball

Above is a photo of people playing Beep Softball.

Did you know, that a version of the game of Beep Softball has been played in North America for many years?

So, if you want to give it a try, click here to become a member of BATS Sports Club. Do not forget to select Beep T-Ball on the form. We start you off using a T and then progress to Softball when you feel you are ready.

We have sessions currently being conducted each Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm With a free BBQ being provided at midday.

Soon we will introduce Beep Softball will Australia wide with just a few changes:

  • Players do not have to wear blindfolds
  • 4 x 160cm tall bases are used. These bases will soon have buzzers attached.
  • The game is played on a reduced-size diamond-shaped field.

Beep Softball is an inclusive activity and so family, carers, and friends  are also allowed to play along side you if you wish.

Beep Tag

Above is a photo of a giant rugby ball to be used in the game of Beep Tag.

BATS Sports Club have recently introduced the game of Beep Tag to Australia. Most of the rules of this game remain the same as the regular game of Tag, except for the use of the giant beeping rugby ball (from HARTS Sports) and a few rule changes. The size of the field is 25m x 50m.

In Beep Tag, your mates and family members can join in the fun with you.

At Blind Bats Inc. Beep Tag is an inclusive activity.

Our Grounds

Marking the Fields

Mowing the Fields

Danyil mowing the fields on our Red Ferris Zero Turn mower.

Tending the Pitch

Local Fans

Pitch Marking

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