Charlie's new sunglasses truly make the difference. He dispatched the beeping cricket ball to the boundary rope on multiple occasions.

Moreton Bay City’s, local BATS Sports Club, will launch the 2023 Beep Cricket Competition on Sunday 13 August 2023.

Yes, the only truly inclusive form of the game of cricket  will use the unique beeping cricket ball which provides a key role in delivering to people with a disability, the iconic game of cricket.

In BATS Sports Club’s Beep Cricket, each team is made up of a mix of participants with a variety of abilities and impairments. This along with some unique rule changes which are included to level up the playing field are the ingredients which make this form of the game so unique.

Also on show from 20 August, will be the introduction of a unique computerized umpire and scoring system where a computerized running score commentary of the game is delivered to spectators and participants. Also ncluded in this system, is a large LED Scorboard.

If you are interested in seeing how inclusive sport is played under the BATS Sports Club banner, you are most welcome to drop in and take a look for yourself.

We now have a keen interest being shown by schools, councils, disability agencies, and sporting clubs. 

Soon we will be establishing the game in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.


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