Blind Bats Inc.

Incorporation Number: IA57411 – 12 December 2017

ABN:  66 816 964 232


The objects of Blind Bats Inc. are:

To assist blind and vision impaired members become more inclusive participants in the general community.

To provide programs that promote a more active and healthy lifestyle for our members.

To work with service providers, community groups, Clubs and agencies for the benefit of members.

To provide an accessible transport service for our members to and from events.

To provide house bound members assistance to become involved in a more active and inclusive lifestyle.

Contact Us

Postal Address:  PO Box 7117, Brendale, Qld 4500

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  1300 423 826

Executive Committee

Sub-Committee Chairman

Beep Cricket Committee

Beep Baseball Committee

Blind Bowls Committee


Paul Szep

Sub-Committee Chairman Of:

Accoustic Shooting Committee


Glen Baxter

Sub-Committee Chairman

Blind Golf Queensland Committee

Bind Bats Inc. Governance Committee


Brad Carver

Sub-Committee Chairperson

Fund Raising Committee


Olga Szep