Group Photo - Moreton Bay BATS v Moreton Bay City Mayor's XI

Group Photo of Moreton Bay BATS and Morton Bay City Mayor's XI
Morton Bay BATS All-Ability Team - Ian Healy, Terry Young, Karen Carter,Michael Wallis, Charlotte Wallis, Charlie Hughes, Kathy McTrusty, Dave Coats, Paul Szep ©, Oddie McTrusty, Danyil Szep, Paul Osmac, Shai Mayberry, Kayden Svenson Moreton Bay City Mayor's XI - Peter Flannery ©, Cr Adam Hain, Ben Hain, Cr Mark Booth, Cleo Booth, Cr Cath Tonks, Cr Yvonne Barlow, Lachlan Crane , Cr Tony Latter, Cr Matt Constance, Cindy Madison, Andrew Trinh


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TAVENERS Queensland

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Welcome to Blind Bats Inc!  On this website, we hope to provide you with information about our charity, Blind Bats Inc. and the  national network of our BATS Club’s unique All-Ability Inclusive Activities Program.

Video Clip of blind Bats Inc. Case Study
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Beep Cricket

26 May 2024

 10am to 2pm



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Blind Bats Inc. Logo. Red Background 'lead an active lifestyle' black bat over yellow sun.

2023 Moreton Bay City Mayor's Team

2023 Moreton Bay BATS Team

The Toss

Shield Presentation

Ian Healy

Moreton Bay Shield

2023 Winners!

Ian Healy & Community Bank Samford

Mayor & Kayden

Terry Young & Shai

Charlotte & Michael

Community Inclusion & Awareness

The Annual Mayor’s XI Beep Cricket Match was held on 5 November 2023

Below is a report posted on Facebook by Cr Mark Booth, a member of the Mayor’s XI Team

Today I had the pleasure of my Daughter joining me on the Mayor’s XI team for the “City of Moreton Bay Shield” Cricket Match, with the Mayor’s XI taking on the “Bats Sport Club” vision Impaired and All-Ability team using their award winning “Beep” Cricket Ball.

This ball is an absolute game changer for vision impaired aspiring cricketers. The ball beeps as it flies through the air allowing an equal playing field. The game rules are slightly modified and inclusive for all abilities making it the only sport in the world where players can play together without disability classes making it a truly inclusive sport. Unfortunately, the Mayor’s XI went down for the 2nd year in a row 93 runs to 43 runs but there’s always next year! 

Thanks to all the players for making it such a fun experience including Terry Young MP and Australian Cricket Royalty and owner of Hoppy’s Carwwash Ian Healy who were on the winning Bats team as well as Mayor Peter Flannery, Councillor Yvonne Barlow, Councillor Matt Constance, Councillor Cath Tonks, Councillor Tony Latter, Councillor Adam Hain, and Council Staff who made up the Mayor’s XI. 🏏

Photo of the Mayor's XI Match

All players liked using the Beeping Cricket ball. Some quickly learned how to bounce spin and curve this new adaptive tech ball.
All players liked using the Beeping Cricket ball. Some quickly learned how to bounce spin and curve this new adaptive tech ball.

All-Ability Activities

BATS  Club Australia has added 5 new activities to its 2023 Events Calendar. In addition to Beep Cricket, the sport of Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Softball, and Touch Football has been added.

Deep Sea Fishing and Social Events have also been added to the  All-Ability inclusive Activities Program.

Expansion to other locations in Australia, such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide is now in progress. In 2024-2025 new Queensland BATS Clubs will be setup in the following locations; Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast.

BATS Club Moreton Bayschedules Beep All-Ability Inclusive Acitivity events to he held each Sunday. A free BBQ lunch for all who attend is provided at these events. If required, residents of Moreton Bay City can be provided safe transport to and from events free of charge. Paul makes perfect pitch for Beep Cricket  read more

Beeping Cricket Ball

The technology used in our Beep Cricket Ball will be used in a number of ball sports included in the BATS Sports Club's Inclusive Sports Program. At Bats Sports Club, the incoming batter gets to choose the colour of the beeping cricket ball (black or white).

To watch the video click here


Congratulations to Blind Bats, the unanimous Judges’ Choice winner at the 2023 Creative Industries Demo Day!

🚀 Introducing the game-changer: Blind Bats’ Beeping Ball!

We’re thrilled to celebrate Blind Bats’ President, Paul Szep, and his Beeping Ball as the unanimous Judges’ Choice winner at the 2023 Creative Industries Demo Day.

Aiming to empower the blind community, Blind Bats enables participation in sports events many take for granted. Paul, the president of Blind Bats, presented the 7th prototype of the revolutionary Beeping Ball, with an 8th version already in development.

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Congratulations to Paul Szep, President of Blind Bats Inc., winner of the 2024 Longman Volunteer Award!

Paul is the founder and President of this charity for the past 9 years, Paul is also responsible for the invention of the world’s first Beeping Cricket Ball and the soon-to-be National game of Beep Cricket.

Paul has established BATS Clubs in each State and Territory of Australia.

The major objective is to assist people with disability to be more inclusive in their local community while at the same time to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Beep Sport Events

On most Sundays of the year, Moreton Bay BATS Club conducts its All-Ability Inclusive, Activities Program. These events are unique as they bring together people with various disabilities to play organized activities together in a team, A grassroots program that includes skills training and lots of fun, and Volunteers who not only support the program, but also join in the fun. This program aims to introduce house-bound people to an active and healthier lifestyle, while at the same time, opportunity to gain confidence, experience a leadership role, and learn new skills. Although participants are initially in grassroots more social activities, there is an opportunity for selection to represent their BATS Club, State and Country in the game of Beep Cricket. For those participants who need transport to and from events, a bus is available to provide safe transport. Memb ers are issued with uniforms and essential equipment and a free BBQ lunch is provided each Sunday. Beep Cricket is different from other organized activities in so far as, it includes:

  • A unique Beeping Ball.

  • Rules tailored to support disabled participants.

  • Anyone is allowed to participate. Your family, your friends, and your support worker are welcome to join in the fun.

Paul Szep pitching his Beeping Cricket Ball at the Moreton Bay Innovation Awards Event

To watch the video click here


Sunday Beep Cricket

Charlie's new sunglasses truly make the difference. He dispatched the beeping cricket ball to the boundary rope on multiple occasions.

Ben Felten is the world’s fastest blind man on a motorcycle!

I recently caught up with a dear friend of mine who is one of the most driven and talented blind people I have ever met. We go back to the late 80s and early 90s at Nepean Blind Sports Club where a group of people from the local community, unknowingly established the first inclusive sports club for the blind in Australia.

Ben Felten, Michael Linke, and I, were leaders who formed one of the most successful Blind Sports Clubs in NSW, winning the NSW Blind Cricket Competition at our first attempt. We all have moved on to bigger and better things now however, in my heart, Ben will always be a shining light for young legally blind people. He is living proof that if you have the will and are prepared to do the work, you can achieve your dreams no matter how much sight you have. to read more click here

Paul Szép   President, Blind Bats Inc.

Many thanks to the generous support of Taverners Queensland. BATS  Club Morton Baynow have the use of a brand-new cricket pitch that is suitable for the game of Beep Cricket.

Installed on Monday 11 September 2023 by The Surface Pro Group who have done such a magnificent job. 

Over the past few months, the fields have been groomed to a high standard and together with this new pitch and the unique beeping cricket ball, the game of Beep Cricket has never been so enjoyable.

As the Ian Healy Beep Cricket Competition is now in progress, players had the first use of the new pitch last Sunday and found it to be a huge upgrade on the previous pitch.

An annual Beep Cricket match for the Morton Bay Shield will be held on 5 November 2023 between the Moreton Bay City Mayor’s XI and the Morton BATS. This event will highlight All Ability Sport and Activities. Several local dignitaries, Council Staff, and local business leaders will participate in these activities.

BATS Club Moreton Bay conduct a wide variety of All Ability Activities in which family, friends and support workers can participate and join in the fun. These activities are held each Sunday at the Devine Court Sports Complex, Morayfield. A big thank you to Robyn White (Taverners QLD) and Cindy Maddison (City of Moreton Bay Councl) for their assistance in making this project happen so smoothly.

In Healy Podcast

A photo of Ian Healy, Paul Szep and Tony Clark in the podcast on Beep Cricket
Ian Healy, Paul Szep and Tony Clark in this Podcast speaking about Beep Cricket

A Blast From The Past

Above is a photo of Kenin Magee (World Champion GP Racer) with Ben Felton (Blind Motorcycle Speed World Record Holder). Both riders standing next to their motor bikes on the white salt flat test track.

New Cricket Pitch

A photo of the new cricket pitch with dark grreen synthetic surface and bright white inlay lines.

Podcast Vision Australia

Podcast with Sam Corley and Paul Szep
Sam Corley and Paul Szep

SportX 2023 – Presentation

Paul Szép  presents the Beeping Cricket Ball at SportX 2023

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