Moreton Bay Bats, winners of the Moreton Bay Shield 2021

Above is a group photo of participants who played in the Mayor’s XI match held in September 2021. Mayor’s players are in white, the BATS players are in Maroon and Umpires in Blue.
Above is a group photo of participants who played in the Mayor’s XI match held in September 2021. Mayor’s players are in white, the BATS players are in Maroon and Umpires in Blue.

Welcome to the Blind Bats Inc Website. Our website is designed to provide you with information about Blind Bats Inc and the inclusive activities we offer. Feel free to go through each of the website pages and as you read each page, ask yourself if you would like to help us progress our objects and aims.

The 2021 launch of our Beeping Cricket Ball proved to be an incredibly special occasion for Blind Bats Inc. and the Moreton Bay Community. Representatives from all three levels of Government, our local University USC, and various leaders from within the local community, came together to showcase community inclusive activities.

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Beep Sports Day

9am – 3:30pm, Sunday, 9 October 2022

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Presentation Night

6pm – 11pm, Friday 28 October 2022

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Hon Terry Young MP

Above is a photo of Hon Terry Young MP, Member for Longman.

Terry has been instrumental in assisting the progress of our Inclusive Beep Cricket Program. He is a keen cricketer and showed his skills when opening the batting in the Mayor’s XI match.

With Terry’s encouragement, his ongoing support, and with a grant from the Federal Government, Blind Bats Inc. was able to begin its five-year plan to introduce 24 inclusive sports/activities within Australia and hopefully, some of them to foreign countries.

Cr Peter Flannery Mayor

Above is a photo of Cr Peter Flannery, Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Peter and the Morton Bay Regional Council have given Blind Bats Inc. great support over the past few years. Their willingness to participate in this event and help promote our inclusive activities program has made it possible to get the Morton Bay Community involved.

Morton Bay Regional Council provided us with great assistance when they allowed us to use Devine Court Sports Complex as our home ground and clubhouse. Looking forward to the return match in 2022. Blind Bats Inc. looks forward to working with Moreton Bay Regional Council into the future.

Hon Mark Ryan MP

Hon Mark Ryan, QLD Minister for Police and Member for Morayfield Playing Blind Cricket at a 'Come and Try' day.

Above is a photo of Hon Mark Ryan MP, Minister for Police & Member for Morayfield.

Mark has been instrumental in the founding of Blind Bats Inc. He help form our constitution and objects so that the transition from an incorporated association to a registered charity was made very simple.

Each year, Mark has always kept in touch offering support and supported our fid for a grant to purchase a bus.

Mark opened the batting for us at the Mayor’s XI match and told the crowd that he considered the launch of the beeping ball to be ‘the world premier of Beep Cricket’.

Come and Try Days

We will be conducting training sessions every Sunday leading up to the start of the 2022 Beep Cricket Competition. These ‘Come and Try Day’ sessions will be held from 10 am to 3 pm, at Devine Court Sports Complex, 36 Devine Court Morayfield Qld. A free BBQ lunch and canteen service is available on the day. Free safe transport will be provided to those who need it.

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To the right is a photo of famous Australian wicket keeper Ian Healy, President of Blind Bats Inc. Paul Szep and Caboolture Sports Club Sports Manager Tony Clark.

At Blind Bats Inc, our aim is to provide our members with the opportunity to participate in activities designed to experience a more active and inclusive lifestyle.

We are working closely with local community groups, sporting clubs/associations to develop programs that help deliver our aim. Please feel free to let others in your community know about us and our services. Blind Bats Inc. is a family-friendly charity.

Mayor's XI v BATS

Above is a snapshot from the Mayor’s XI match.

This inaugural event proved to be a big winner with both the Moreton Bay community and visitors from other regions of Queensland, giving it the thumbs up. Because of this, an annual shield was produced and so, we look forward to a return match in 2022.

Moreton Bay Shield



To the right is a photo from one of our regular Sunday training days at Devine Court Sports Complex.

Our ‘Come & Try Days’ are an effective way to get a good feel of the new beeping ball and how it makes a significant difference for people with low vision to track the ball. For those who do have some sight, they can choose between the new black or white beeping balls.

Each Sunday BATS Sports Club provides door-to-door bus transport using our BAT BUS to those who need it. Hooever, most participants travel with their support workers or family and friends. Mobility training for those who prefer to travel independently can be arranged through their NDIS plan.

We also provide training/coaching in a family-friendly environment. To top it all off, a fee BBQ lunch is provided at this event.


Beeping Cricket Ball



To the right is a photo of our Boundary Rope Trailer kindly funded by Moreton Bay Council through their Community Grants Program.

Having a heavy duty boundary rope makes identifying the boundary much easier for those with no to low vision.

And with our little Hustler ride on mower towing our bespoke rope trailer, the job of laying out and retrieving the rope is a breeze. This trailer fits neatly into our storage shed proving us with an ideal way to store our boundary rope.

Registration Now Open

The 2022 BATS Sports Club Inclusive Beep Cricket Competition Matches will be held each Sunday between the hours of 9am to 3:30pm, commencing on 14 August and ending on 16 October 2022.

4 squads of 20 players will be recruited for this competition which is scheduled to run over 9 rounds. A finals game played between the top two teams will be played on 16 October 2022. To register for the 2022 Beep Cricket Competition apply to become a member and select Beep Cricket on the form click here

Ian Healy Paul Szép Tony Clark

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Blind Bats Inc. Logo. Red Background 'lead an active lifestyle' black bat over yellow sun.

To the left is a photo of the Moreton Bay Shield.

In September 2021, the first prototype of our Beeping Cricket Ball was launched in an inclusive match played between the Moreton Bay Mayor’s XI and the Moreton Bay BATS. This game highlighted how the community could come together to participate in an inclusive sport/activity, and it was an enormous success. This game will be played each year with the winner of the match being presented with the Moreton Bay Shield.

The new beeping cricket ball is designed to enable participants with low to no vision, to track the ball more easily. ‘This new beeping cricket ball performed as expected’ a smiling Paul Szep said after the match.

All concerned declared this event to be an enormous success. The introduction of the beeping ball did exactly as we expected. It brought the participants with low or no vision into the game while at the same time, highlighting the skills of people with a disability.

Come & Try Days

Brendon batting for the Blue Dolphins team, listens closely to the new beeping cricket ball as he readies himslf to hit the ball through the covers.
Brendon, batting for the Blue Dolphins team, listens closely to the new beeping cricket ball. He is determined to hit the ball through the field to the boundary but the Red Dragons team fielders have other ideas.

To the left is a photo of Paul Szep holding our new beeping ball.

In the early 1990s, Paul Szep began research on the idea of producing a Beeping Cricket Ball for use by blind and vision-impaired cricketers. Although he did secure funds to produce a prototype ball, unfortunately, the ball did not stand up well to the job. Paul decided to revisit the project at a future time.

This beeping ball technology can now be used in a range of sports that are included in the BATS Sports Club’s Inclusive Sports Program.

On retirement, Paul revisited the idea of a beeping ball and began setting up a charity named Blind Bats Inc. to form an entity capable of doing the job. Paul applied for a grant to finance the development of the beeping ball and to run an inclusive activity called beep cricket.

Unfortunately, again the prototype ball failed but Paul was not going to give up. Determined to find a solution he sought out help and now can say with a great deal of confidence that he a suitable ball has been designed and produced. “It works just the way we wanted and the players love it,” Paul said.

Beep Cricket Boundary Rope

Phto of our Boundary Rope Trailer. It is orange in colour with a very heave white rope. Tt has a tow bar and is towed around the boundary by our ride on mower.
Tailer kindly built by HMJ Trailers Caboolture.

A Blast From The Past

Above is a photo of Kenin Magee (World Champion GP Racer) with Ben Felton (Blind Motorcycle Speed World Record Holder). Both riders standing next to their motor bikes on the white salt flat test track.
Above is a photo of Kenin Magee (World Champion GP Racer) with Ben Felton (Blind Motorcycle Speed World Record Holder).

Ben Felten is the world’s fastest blind man on a motorcycle!

I recently caught up with a dear friend of mine who is one of the most driven and talented blind sports person I have known. We go back to the late 80s and early 90s at Nepean Blind Sports Club where we unknowingly raised the first inclusive sports club for blind and vision impaired peopl.

Ben Felten, Michael Linke, and I formed one of the most successful Blind Sports Clubs in NSW. We all have moved on to bigger and better things hower in my heart, Ben will always be a shining light for young vision impaired and blind people. He is living proof that if you have the will and are prepared to do the work, you can achieve your dreams no matter how much sight you have.

Paul Szép


Blind Bats Inc.


In March 2018, Ben established a new world motorcycle land speed record of 266.716 kph (165.730 mph) on his Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R. Watch the record here.

Former MotoGP racer Kevin Magee guided Ben down the track using an analogue radio. Magee and Paul Simpson, radio communications technician supported Ben to achieve his life long dream.

The Blind Speed Kawasaki team will compete at Speed Week 2022 on a salt lake in outback South Australia.

For more information and videos: www.facebook.com/blindlandspeedrecord

The Blind Speed Kawasaki team is proudly supported by Caring ApproachKawasaki Motors AustraliaBCPerformanceRider Collective, AGV Helmets, TCX Boots, Dunlop and Spright Communications.

Go here for more information about Dry Lakes Racers Australia