Beep Cricket at night for the first time. In the photo from left to right are Bill Hensen (umpire), Karen Carpenter (bowler), and Paul Szep (observer). Karren, a member of the Dragons team is ready to bowl the white beeping cricket ball.

On Saturday 12 Noverber 2022, BATS Sports Club ran their first Beep Cricket Training Session under lights.

The weather was fine, the night air was cool and there was a light breeze.  Add in fantastic lighting and all this produced a great environment for Beep Cricket.

So as a result, a match between the Red Dragons and the Blue Dophins has been scheduled to take place on Saturday 26 November 2020.

Moreton Bay Regional Council has installed these fantastic lights which suits the game of Beep Cricket during the summer. Our white ball lit up like a beacon while the black ball contrasted well with the flood-lit and well kept fields. Caboolture Sports Club arranged for the lighting to be available to us on the night, their support has been great over the years.

For new-commers to the game of Beep Cricket, night games is a great way to learn the game. All in the Moreton Bay Region are invited to participate and if required, free transport is available to residence of the local community.

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