Above is a photo of Kenin Magee (World Champion GP Racer) with Ben Felton (Blind Motorcycle Speed World Record Holder). Both riders standing next to their motor bikes on the white salt flat test track.

Ben Felten is the world’s fastest blind man on a motorcycle!

I recently caught up with a dear friend of mine who is one of the most driven and talented blind sports person I have known. We go back to the late 80s and early 90s at Nepean Blind Sports Club where we unknowingly raised the first inclusive sports club for blind and vision impaired peopl.

Ben Felten, Michael Linke, and I formed one of the most successful blind Sports Clubs in NSW. We all have moved on to bigger and better things hower in my heart, Ben will always be a shining light for young vision impaired and blind people. He is living proof that if you have the will and are prepared to do the work, you can achieve your dreams no matter how much sight you have.

Paul Szep,

President Blind Bats Inc.


In March 2018, Ben established a new world motorcycle land speed record of 266.716 kph (165.730 mph) on his Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R. Watch the record here.

Former MotoGP racer Kevin Magee guided Ben down the track using an analogue radio. Magoo and Paul Simpson, radio communications technician supported Ben to achieve his life long dream.

The Blind Speed Kawasaki team will compete at Speed Week 2022 on a salt lake in outback South Australia.

For more information and videos: www.facebook.com/blindlandspeedrecord

The Blind Speed Kawasaki team is proudly supported by Caring ApproachKawasaki Motors AustraliaBCPerformanceRider Collective, AGV Helmets, TCX Boots, Dunlop and Spright Communications.

Go here for more information about Dry Lakes Racers Australia 

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